Sunday, 9 April 2017

Help needed

A message just received and our help needed.

Hi Val
I'm sorry to bother you but I need your help. One of the Realville boys has really become my son of the heart. My whole family adores him. He calls me his mother and says I'm the reason he wants to stay in France. He is actually in a 'famille d'accueil' but calls me every day to tell me he wants to come and live with us. And we really really want to take care of him and give him the family life he deserves. We were renovating a studio, we thought we'd rent it out as a gîte. But we want it to be for him. The problem is we need to get it finished fast before he passes in front of the juge d'enfants where they will decide where he will live and go to school. We work every day and night but could use all the help we can get. If you know of anyone who could lend a hand or if you have some furniture... everything is welcome!
I always find it hard to ask for help, but I will try anything to give him a happy life!

We have a love story...
One of our group worked at Realville with the young minors one of whom is now seeking asylum in France.
The lady made a special connection with one of these young boys and now wants to adopt him as a " famille d'accueil"
The boy is desperate to be with this lady he now calls mother.
The only problem is the room the boy would need to move into needs some plaster work and some electric wiring connecting and some floor boards finishing.
I have promised a single bed which I will need to find, a carpet and a small fridge.
If anyone can offer help we would be extremely grateful. I have a lovely picture of the lady and the young lad which if and when it all happens I will post for you.
The whole family are keen to welcome him so who can help us?
Val says  we think we may have found amongst our boys the skills to help with the work and I of course with your help can source the furniture.
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