Monday, 10 April 2017


 Hi Val
Please don’t refer to Occitan as a ‘patois’. It is a distinct language as much as Catalan. To call it a patois reinforces the lamentable attitude to minority groups which has destroyed so much linguistic diversity in France, Britain etc. Half the 7,000 languages still extant in the world will disappear this century and the efforts to revive Occitan need all the help they can get. 
Thanks for supporting the culture of the midi!
 Mike Barrett

Val says whoa! Occitan is a distinct language and if in the past I have referred to it as patois my apologies. A lot of the locals use an Occitan patois and I may have said that ( and could say it again)
We are lucky here to be hosting people coming to play at the occitan festival in July, a festival of the language and it is called " Lenga Viva"
Oops please do not tell me off as I see I have written Occitan without a capital letter but cannot waste time changing it.
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Malc says: I have exercised my sub-editorial right to correct it as it referred to "occitan patios", which are quite a different thing.