Wednesday, 19 April 2017

A rewarding experience

No time to worry about elections French or English,
we have another 18 young men coming to us in Verfeil straight from Dunkirk.
Possibly arriving next Monday- possibly Afghan and Sudanese.
With the camp at Grand Scythe Dunkirk burning down the French have worked hard to find places to take the refugees left homeless. I respect them for this, although the treatment by the gendarmes in Paris and the camps has been a totally unacceptable thing.
Anyway Malc and I are pleased that these new 18 will be on our doorstep making it easier to help.
The house they are going to is set up as a large gite so has beds and plates, cutlery etc.
So what do we need?
When the young men arrive we love them to find on their beds, shower gell, tooth brush and toothpaste. I am sure 18 of us buying those three things once will do the job.
They will need bikes to get around and I have 3 here we can take.
Jeans please think slim, no good giving anything large, t shirts small, I bought some from Caussade for Christmas that were 4 euros so that seems like a good option if you wanted to buy one. Shoes are always hard to find and we are talking trainers usually small sizes. We may need a fighting fund for those.
Anyone round about who fancies coming with cake to greet them, contact me and I will give you details.
Helping these young men is very rewarding.
All those fluffy towels you have been sitting on Sarah will be needed I think.
Oh and anyone who would be keen to give French lessons or even have little outings talking French or showing them how to shop, go to the PO etc.