Thursday, 13 April 2017

Foster a local dog till it finds a home

Linda Walsh who now helps with the local dog association" des Truffes er des moustaches" has this report on dog fostering. If you want to foster a dog till a home is found let us know.

I now have a medal for 'extreme dog fostering' . My last foster dog, Spike, stayed for 7 years (!!) my most recent, Nougat, had been with me for a couple of hours when Andrea walked through my front door, fell in love and whisked her off to her furever home!
I'm happy to have a chat with anyone who wants to know more about fostering. There are so many folks here who say they would love to have a dog but can't because of spending time in UK etc. Hey presto....problem solved...temporary foster care which helps the rescue centres and the dogs SO much
Linda can be contacted on