Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Not a good time for hay fever sufferers

Blossom tumbling everywhere at Mas del Sol, not a good time for those with hay fever especially as grass  cutting is madly taking place.

This is important to me
Why do I write TAG now ?
Malc and I write each day to tell friends what is happening in the area and to give our views on our life here.
A year and a half ago 17 young men landed on our doorstep in dire circumstances and I went to help them. I knew nothing about Muslims, Islam indeed very little about the Arabic world.
I now know these boys are just like our boys, these young men are just like our young men and if the French government of the day feels they will give asylum then I want to help them along the way.
The chances of safety under Marine Le Pen would not be good, and the chances of them even getting to the UK to be offered asylum are nil because of the present appalling incumbents of the government.
Now if these sentiments upset you, please do not bother reading TAG. Still over 1,000 read most days and I write now principally for my supporters who help me aid others... not just refugees I must add.
I received a mail which I will not post, so feel I need to be absolutely CLEAR why I do what I do.
TAG is not essential reading, for some the Daily Mail is.