Sunday, 16 April 2017

Was it a tern?

Walking the dogs by the Aveyron yesterday morning (Saturday) we joined a small group of French people marvelling at the beautiful sight of a bird we had not seen before on the river. The size of a small pigeon, but slightly and elegantly built, the bird flew up and down the river, swooping and occasionally diving, catching insects and possibly small fish. It looked to be white, with a black head and underparts. Sadly with no camera to hand only mobile phone snaps were possible and too indistinct to publish.
Research suggests it was a black tern, an inland variety of the common sea birds. Probably migrating to some other area, black terns (and their white-winged variety) live primarily in marsh land, lakes and river areas. They do not perch in trees generally, but will land on the ground.
If anyone can confirm the sighting, preferably with a photo, we would be delighted.
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