Wednesday, 26 April 2017

We hate these hoardings

For anyone new to the Tarn et Garonne: if you are  shocked by the number of giant ad hoardings at the town entrances - it used to be much worse!!  10 years of intensive anti publicity actions  in Montauban culminated in 2015 with the condamnation of the Prefect by the Tribunal Administrative (Toulouse) for 'Carence' because of his (in fact successive Prefects)  refusal to remove illegal hoardings ....  Despite the Prefects obstination in supporting  the ad hoarding companies that had colonised the town's entrances with their illegal commercial propaganda, over 100 illegally installed giant ad hoardings and signs were removed from the town definitively in this period thanks to our actions ..and dozens of others in Tarn and Garonne too (Caussade, Labastide du temple, Castelsarrasin etc) Here's a short documentary  about the actions ..Yes, you can get involved in protests in France if you are from the UK!! Rue 89,  France 2, TF1, Arte, France5 and France 3 + Libération, Le Monde, La Dépêche and a lot of other newspapers reported on the Montauban actions that started off a nationwide movement that's still going on ........