Sunday, 23 April 2017

Fantastically Entertaining Theatre

Imagine that upper Cordes sur Ciel appointed a new curé whose policies so appalled lower Cordes that riots broke out. Well if that new cleric was the Rev.Trump and everyone spoke in early 19th century dialogue could it be believable?

But as usual we suspend disbelief when we enter the Colombier Theatre in Les Cabannes. And the group of actors who work with Austentatious almost had us believing that Jane Austen’s new incumbent was indeed a member of the great Trump family. It was going to be great, huge, amazing. To solve the conflict between the two Cordes clearly a fence needed to be erected, and the strong-willed Stockton sisters, refusing to marry the orange one were banished in poverty (losers!) to the wrong side. By various non-sequiturs and Deus ex machinas (though no actual Latin used) the underdog Bernard Sanders frees the girls – sadly too late for consumptive Mr Stockton (the coughing is s-ooo annoying..). Everyone hoped that the last Trump had indeed sounded for the boastful new vicar and that Matilda Stockton would live happily ever after.

All the players kept us laughing at their clever improvisations, based on a title helpfully suggested by the audience. The six actors happily missed their cues, forgot who their characters were, took up the wrong marks and all in the name of improvisation, but never missed a chance to make us laugh. All to music blended sympathetically in on solo violin. Theatre is an art and these actors know their art. We have said it before, but how lucky we are to have FET.

Thanks to all for a lovely evening, including a glass of wine in the sunny garden. If you are not a member, join up soon for more theatrical treats.