Friday, 14 April 2017

These young pilgrims will be at Lourdes

Some happy young pilgrims. Pic DA
One religious manifestation is the annual pilgrimage of sick and handicapped people to Lourdes, with the hope of a cure. Included in the hopefuls will be about 1000 children from all parts of Europe. In small groups of about 20 people, including carers, a doctor and a priest, these youngsters are financed by the "Pilgrims' Trust", a charity set of some sixty years ago by a British doctor. Dr Michael Strode wanted the children to be treated in the same way as adult pilgrims; housed in hotels, with the same chances of getting to the grotto. But the children and their entourage wear distinctive bright clothes.
The charity has  its own centre near Lourdes, but remains true to its founding principles.