Monday, 24 April 2017

A gentlemanly game boules

There is always time for a game of boules.
Today friend Sarah and I popped to see the 7 young Afghans now applying for asylum here and living in Verfeil. It was a lovely sunny afternoon and with another French couple we were able to settle the boys in and start to make them feel at home.
One boy has a broken wrist and asked if I could find him some jogging bottoms as he cannot do the button or zip on trousers. He is not tall and I think could be described as a chunky build. He seemed desperate to be able to change his pants.
When I asked if there was anything they needed as toiletries, they have shower gell, toothbrushes, toothpaste and now cream for dry skin. One of the boys with flashing eyes (Sarah and I have marked him as one the girls will like) asked for hair gell !!
Tomorrow evening we have another 13 arriving. We do not know the nationality, it will be whoever the gendarmes have got to get on the bus.
But we will be here to greet them and persuade them to take asylum here.
I am still collecting monetary donations for all the things we do not have second hand.Thank you for your generosity so far.
I know France has its own poor, but these boys are not escaping poverty, they are escaping death and torture. Not something any of us would want to face.