Friday, 21 April 2017

Creme, nourishing face creme.

So we have 6 young men and one older man from Afghanistan. They are a very proud race Afghans and I like them for this trait. Today as they arrived to settle in the middle aged man told me how many languages he spoke, very impressive. I asked where in Afghanistan he was from and my friend Hujat whispered " you know it was the area where the Taliban killed everyone" so I already know this man has sad tales.
On telling all the young men we had shower gell and toothpaste for them they asked if I had moisturising cream. I remember last time it was a request and speaking to Shaban who is beside me at the moment he also tells me, not washing, changing water all the time your face and hands become very dry and cracked.
So along with toiletries I need to find them moisturising creme. This is more not I but " we", please help me on Sunday with a tub of moisturiser or the money to buy it.
A thank you to Chrissie Hargreaves tonight, she came to meet the new arrivals with clothes from her 23 year old son, these were snapped up instantly.Chrissie is a cake maker so I am sure there would be cakes and at 5.30 pm she was taking one young man to the Drs.
Gosh, how brilliant people can be, Chrissie is one of these brilliant people.
Malc tells me we have an appointment to take the same young man for a Doctors appointment tomorrow... wait for it!! 8.15 am
We just love helping!