Monday, 17 April 2017

Nous sommes le lundi dix sept avril

A beautiful sunny morning with lots of kestrel activity here this morning. The grounds are looking good after lots of work over the last two weeks. The pool now needing work on the cleanliness and water quality, 50 kilos of salt added yesterday but it is possible a new filter needed. We seem to buy a new filter each year at 120 euros a time. Having a pool is not a cheap option, river swimming much cheaper. The only benefit of a pool is it is on your doorstep and pretty much essential if you are letting.
Today I have two French neighbours coming for a donkey walk, we are planning to walk to St. Martial and back and we have another French friend at St. Martial getting out a bucket of water for the donkeys when they arrive.
This afternoon I have a young boy and his future carer coming to choose furniture for his apartment. I will love both the things, the walk and making a young person happy.
Enjoy your day in the sun and if you are like us, enjoy your pets. I have a cat on my knee as I type who is looking up lovingly at me. Two other cats wait in line to jump on my knee for a cuddle. It is a bit like a production line.
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