Saturday, 29 April 2017

On the first of May..

Apart from the monthly book swap at the Gazpacho, the day is an official holiday so many shops and offices will be closed. There will be the ritual handing over of muguets (lily of the valley) in over-priced little parcels .... and it will cost more to consult your doctor.
Normally a consultation with a GP costs 23 euros, but will rise to 25 euros from that day. Other increases are planned (under six year olds 30 euros) and specialist charges could go up later in the year. The aim is to try to halt the decline in GP numbers and doctors' unions see it as a first step, though suggest it will make little difference on its own. Apparently the average fee in Europe is 40 euros. Presumably the CPAMs and mutuelles will reimburse the additional charge as at present.
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