Sunday, 9 April 2017

What a long but great day

What a great day to have a vide grenier and what a pleasure to smell the wisteria all day long.
I want to thank all my TAG readers for making it such a special day, one after another you came and supported us and to hear you say you had come specially to see me and thank me for my work with refugees really meant something to me. I have included photos of some people who came with great stories, a lady who went walking dogs at Figeac and ended up adopting the first dog she walked. That dog was a darling and I can understand why. One after another you came and chatted and we ended up taking 400 euros and having an electric cooker and microwave offered. Then we were asked if the boys needed 4 quality chairs, when we said yes, the  chairs were delivered and quickly scooped up by local boys who needed them.
Sometimes I wonder if TAG is worth all my time I spend, today I knew it was and I thank you with all my heart for your support.
I have to thank Sarah Brown for sticking out the day with me and Laura, Jill,Anais and Shahzeb and Delawer.
... and readers your support for me and our local refugees is blinkin marvellous.
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