Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Melenchon - could he win?

Having gained most intentions to vote in the last month, Jean-Luc Melenchon is now close on the heels of the front runners in the presidential election. The first round of voting will be on Sunday next (23rd April) and with Le Pen and Macron locked on about 25% and Francois Fillon and J-LM "coude a coude" at about 20%.
Melenchon had a meeting attended by about 70000 people in Toulouse last week and has a very visible presence on YouTube and other social media. Many reports suggested he was the most impressive candidate in the TV debate a couple of weeks ago.
The ex-communist has had a "make-over" since the last election, portraying himself as reasonable, a man capable of being president rather than a rabble rousing trouble maker, which was how he described himself then.
Part of his success has been the virtual demise of the campaign of Benoit Hamon, the socialist party candidate. But his intention to withdraw from the EU and Euro is also attracting some right wing voters.
Sunday's results are attracting even more interest than ever.
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