Thursday, 13 April 2017

Our granddaughter is the same age

My nerves can just about stand the strain!
The story so far..
one of the young lads who ended up in Realville waiting to go to the UK was refused permission along with 20 others, 10 were accepted.
Some of the boys accepted to stay in France and after bone marrow density tests proved their age they were able to be with French foster families. Some of the boys still wanted to go to the UK and so jumped ship so to speak and went to Dunkirk as the Calais camp no longer exists.
We all know if we keep up with the news that Dunkirk camp was burnt down a couple of days ago.
This young man, 16 years old, now has burnt hands and feels ill. I have persuaded him that it is foolhardy trying to get to the UK and being in a foster family in this area where he has friends is the thing to do.
Today he has accepted that he wants to come back and get into the French system again.
After hours on my ipad he has been found and has been put in a hotel till we can get him back tomorrow.
I have promised to pay the costs to get the boy safely back tomorrow.
Small donations may be needed from supporters.
More as it unfolds

Latest update on Din, the young Afghan refugee wanting to get back here and back into the system. Last night we thought we had him safe in a hotel waiting to return somehow here today.
I have just had a message that the boy was not Din and that Din had been still in the gymnasium. Today we hear these boys have been put in a bus and can be taken anywhere in France to welcome centres. His phone is not working so we are out of contact at the moment. 
All I can think is  he will now get medical help wherever he goes.
Any donations will be put to good use by Sarah if we do not need them.