Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Helping others

If you are a friend who lives nearby we need your help.
The 18 young men who have arrived from Paris and Dunkirk need to know we want them to stay and they will enjoy their time becoming French here. We have Afghans, Sudanese, Eritreans and two from Guinea.
Some of the Africans from former French colonies speak French which will be a big help to them settling here.
I went this morning to welcome them and it was a delight. One of the boys was just 18 and looked so young. After chatting to a few I ended up taking the youngster who was not sure he would stay, under my wing. I brought 2 to meet Malc and talk football.
When I took them back the youngster stood by the car and said " I come home with you" It turned my heart" I explained he had to stay with the others but I would come often and we would all have trips out and trips here to have some fun.
They are all tired and disorientated but give them a few days and they will be better.
What we need are people with cars we can show them the area, and give them an outing.
The 7 we took to the market enjoyed it and asked to go again on Sunday. So who can go and pick up a couple or three?
Pm me for directions to where they are in Verfeil
Honestly if you meet them they will hook you in.
Some tips from experience, make your visit in the afternoon or evening unless you arrange the morning market with them. Their sleeping patterns are disrupted after weeks living rough.
Also to save arguments between them anything you take of value phones or laptops must be given to Hujat or Anais, not to any of the boys.
A lesson we learnt from last time.