Saturday, 29 April 2017

Do you bathe in it - or drink it?

Shopping yesterday we needed some shower gel (for ourselves, not refugees) and were attracted to an aisle end display of “3 for the price of two" packs. Now we all know these placements are not random and probably not economical, but Val liked the idea of grapefruit gel – after all we have no objection to apple or orange or lemon varieties.

On examining the pack Malc noticed that the third container was “hot chocolate” and other “flavours” included “spice bread” and "Danish pastry" – pain au raisin. We decided to forego the offer and chose “vanilla and mandarin” from a different range.

Of course all these perfumes are just mixtures of artificial chemicals and natural products are available, but it reminded us of one of those marketing exercises in “The Apprentice” when they come up with totally inappropriate products. Even designed to make recalcitrant children shower, we don't think this will sell and someone in product development should have been fired.