Wednesday, 26 April 2017

What do people in France feel about black people?

Ma'am I must ask a question?
What do people in France feel about black people?
Tonight Malc with his bridge partner David were giving some tuition. I thought it was a good opportunity to spend a couple of hours with the new boys.
I went up with my ipad to show photos of our secret groups we have formed for our local refugees. I felt I  needed to encourage the boys to stay in France.
Tonight I spent time with the Africans, hence the comment from a guy from Sudan.
How terrible to feel colour prejudice in your own country. I remember an earlier great friend, Malik saying, I had to get out because I was so black.
Tonight a guy told me if you were black in Darfur you were bombed or shot at.
I assured him that here in France apart from a very small minority colour played no part in how we felt about people.
Another question today, how many people live in your houses? Two, me and Malc!
I knew this would come up as every refugee has said there could be 20 family members living here.
Driving back to Verfeil one boy said " it is so quiet and no gendarmes anywhere"
Would you like to see pictures of my mother?
I would, but they all look so young,  reminding me I am grandmother.
Can you find me a phone?
Probably not, the ones I am offered do not take lyca sims and I am not a miracle worker.
My question, do I like these young men?
A resounding YES
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