Monday, 24 April 2017


Hi Val, this is for tag.
Yesterday we were heavily bombarded by chemtrails, it happens about once a week, a toxic aerial soup, too much to go into here with many different theories. This morning our garden is covered in these fibres, google chemtrail fibres, the images are identical. Stuck to the morning dew & about 1cm in diameter, very sticky when crushed a bit like candyfloss. I'm not going mad, anyone else peered closely at the world this morning? Laura 😞

Glynis says   We get it every year - loads of it for about 2 weeks. It blows off the trees

John says  Hi Val
 Here is the answer for Laura:
 Modern airplanes squirt the contents of the toilets into the jet engines. 
The white trails are the toilet paper fibres which in certain climatic conditions fall to the earth as in her photos.
Here’s an answer for everyone else:
The white fluffy stuff is seeds from poplar trees.
Probably a bit early this year due to the warm weather.