Saturday, 1 April 2017

We felt like the poissons d 'avril this morning

Yesterday we loaded up some garden stones not needed, the remainder from a larger pile. With help from our boys we took it to the dechetterie. The remorque was loaded to capacity and when Malc arrived at the dechetterie he ran into a kerb and split the tyre. JO jo suggested we leave it there till the dechetterie was open the next day but leave the stones in it as otherwise thieves would take it.
We went this morning and unloaded the stones and as the tyre will not blow up, we now need to remove the tyre and find a replacement... on a Saturday.
All of this was done in the rain and with the rain overnight the muddy stones had us all covered in mud, grrr! april fools is what we all felt and in French "poissons d'avril"
By the way we did wonder how thieves would get in over night till we arrived at the gates to discover some enterprising person has cut a whole in the surrounding fence.