Saturday, 1 April 2017

Book sale for charities

Hallo Booklovers !
How time flies and here we are again already up to our (Easter Bunny) ears preparing our umpteenth Book Sale to be held at the Salle de Fetes, St. Pantaleon, (five minutes from Montcuq in the Lot) on Easter Saturday, 15th April, starting at 10 am and finishing about 3pm ish.  We start to clear away about then so to be sure to get a good choice come early !
Another reason for not leaving your visit too late is the yummy home made cakes !  These go like cakes (groan) and latecomers last year were disappointed to find the cake table bare !  We have upped the quantity this year, but to be sure ........... !  We will also be offering a snack lunch of soup and /or chilli  (veggie chilli option as well) so why not put aside a few hours and make a long visit to fully enjoy the day.
We have more books than ever (more about that later) all at one euro each along with dvd’s at 1 euro and cd’s at 50 cents. This year our selection of French books is more interesting too !
Books, we already have many more books than we can cope with, so please, if possible do not bring any along on the day.  If you live a long way away and have been saving books for us then of course we would not want to put you off coming and your books will be saved for the next sale.  Can I be cheeky and please ask you to make sure that the books are in good saleable condition ?  Of over a hundred boxes of books saved, at least forty have had to been thrown because they are in dreadful condition.  Old A to Z’s and Michelin Guides always end up in the bin.
All proceeds will, as usual, go to Dog Rescue, Cancer charities and a donation will be made to ‘Donkey Jan’.
If you do not wish to be advised of further book sales, please just drop me an email and if you receive this email twice, I apologise, it is because my email list has some of you listed twice under different titles ! 
Your Book Sale team are, as usual, looking forward to seeing as many of you as possible to help make it a Very Good Day !
With love,
Sue x
Poorpaws Dog Rescue