Monday, 10 April 2017

Veggie / vegan in the area

On Facebook TAG, Caroline Mills asked if anyone knew of veggie/ vegan restaurants. This was a reply.

We run a veggie/vegan chambres/tables d'hotes (Le Cheval Blanc) in St Antonin so have a good knowledge of the area. St Antonin is surprisingly good for vegans. We always send our vegan guests to Auberge de Sens as the food is always excellent and vegans won't feel that they're missing out. The Guingette de Plage does a few vegan options and will do a Mezze platter. Table D'Antoine are veggie friendly but don't do vegan food, they're are very nice so you could talk them. The Burger place does a fab soya burger and a tapas bar is opening shortly who say they'll do vegan/veggie options. Further a field there's a great veggie place in Cordes (I forget the name but pm me if you want me to find details) but if you want vegan you'd have to pre-book. For fine dining try the restaurant in Puylaroque (Le Sens). There a couple of veggie places in Cahors and Namesthe in Montauban. Albi is also good, we particularly like the Lebanese place opposite the cathederal (it's not veggie but very veggie friendly).
Val says a lot of interest in veggie/ vegan food, many friends are now vegetarian