Wednesday, 5 April 2017

They are here again, our kestrels

They arrived on Black Wednesday as we were sitting having aperos in the garden.
We had given up on them this year as they just had not been around.
We have been unsure ever since if they were planning to use the nesting holes again even though it has been around 17 years at least now that they have nested here.
We have heard their distinctive cries in their trees but they have only visited a few times as far as we know.
This morning I slid and slipped out of the shower to shout to Malc, "come I think they are in the mating tree!" and they were and after frantic mating they have been diving past the salon window straight into the first hole in the wall of the gite. This is the most usual nesting site but last year the third hole was used, giving us better views... but hey! we are not complaining.
Last year we only had two young who developed and survived, normally it is 5 or 6. We thought it was a new young pair so that was the difference but it could have been as the brood were earlier than normal maybe there was not enough food.
One of our delights of living here is kestrel watching, and it makes up a bit for all the worries of the world knowing nature goes on year after year. With any luck those birds and their off spring will still be coming long after we have shuttled of this mortal coil.
Regular updates will follow
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