Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Phone 15 and ask for Clotilde

I so love young people.
I so love young people who give their time to help others. These are local Sapeurs Pompiers.
In the country areas these young people give their time to help others and are being trained to help at not only fires but accidents and illness in the home.
Whilst eating out today we met this group who were here in Laguepie on a stage, with instruction given by Monsieur Cros, head of the local pompiers.
I introduced myself and asked as I was old if I had a heart attack who would I want to come and help, to a man they shouted Clotilde.
We had a laugh and a chat and took some photos and before I left I was presented with a badge to be an honorary pompier... gosh I am proud.
The youngsters were from all around the area, Laguepie, Cordes, Moissac, Caussade. I hope to encourage some of our refugees to be pompiers and give something back to the country they are going to end up being so proud of.