Friday, 7 April 2017

Nous sommes le vendredi sept avril

Sorry to be so late, both of us had specialists appointments in Albi very early this morning and we have never really caught up.
We have had some disappointing news that one of of our boys  has not got asylum, do not ask what happens next with his life, I do not have the answer.
Another sad contact I had today, one of the young kids from Realville who had hoped to go to the Uk being under 18 and having family there, refused by the UK government as were 20 of his mates.
He now tells me he is at Dunkirke still trying to get to family. What a sad state of affairs, I so want to mother him. The best I can do is try to get him to stay in France, but I know he and his friend will end up jumping on lorries.

Changing the tone, the sun is shining and promising to be good for the next few days