Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Nous sommes le mardi onze avril

Late again.
Gosh life is hectic.
I will look at news this afternoon.
As I drove one of our boys to a rendevous this morning he laughed and said" Mamma you have a full time job, and have you worked out how much petrol you use?"
I laughed but really did not want to do the maths.
I am now looking for 2 seater sofas again and rugs, carpets and shall I tell you why we need rugs and carpets? Afghans particularly walk around the house in bare feet or flip flops and use the carpets as pray rugs. That is why they always take off their shoes at the door, to keep carpets clean.
They must despair in our house where the carpets are full of dog and cat hairs!,
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