Thursday, 6 April 2017

Nous sommes le jeudi six avril

If you walk along the Aveyron in Laguepie you cannot miss the building which was called "la base nautique" now renamed " Escale Guepienne"
For years it hosted colony de vacances holidays and it was great to see all the young people down there playing, swimming and canoeing. Then because it did not meet the high standards needed in the building, kitchen etc. it was closed to the holidaymakers.
Now lots of money is being spent on updating and the whole building is being  reclad at the moment.
The area now hosts a parking for camping cars, another area with fruit trees planted, all for the use of the villagers.
There is a hall which can be hired for private parties.
All in all a lovely area and I am glad that Laguepie realises its potential.
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