Tuesday, 11 April 2017

My thought.... and who is your Mayor?


I hope that you can help to find either the owner, or a new owner for this dog which just turned up at my husband's clients' home in the village of Saillagol one week ago on the 6th April 2017.  (My husband is a postman).  They cannot keep the dog.  They have asked around, plus my husband, of course, and I have posted it on the chienperdu internet site.  They have informed the Mayor who says that he will take it to be euthanised on Saturday !!!!  They have taken the dog to the vet in Parisot, as it had no collar.  Hugette said that it's a female, around 15 months, crossed with an English setter, no puce, no tatouage.  She's the colour of a red squirrel and a little timid, hasn't barked at all, all week and has a gentle nature.  
The finders, who are elderly and haven't got internet, hence our help, are Mr. et Mme. Rigouste, Henri et Thérèse,  200 m from the church, in the village of Saillagol, 82160, Saint Projet,
Thank you in anticipation for the diffusion of this information.
Katrina Delcuzoul
Val says  my immediate thought was " who is this Mayor and does he know the procedures for handling lost dogs?"
You cannot just put to sleep a 15 month old dog, and none of the vets would do it anyway.
If you find a lost dog and have tried every avenue, Katy Gabu, dog catcher in St. Antonin needs to be called  tel 0563682493
She will then try to find its owner for 10 days and then try to rehome it through the assoc. Des truffes et des Moustaches.