Sunday, 2 April 2017

My colours are firmly attached to the mast

On  my facebook I received this translated invitation to join the National Front in the region.
The last sentence made me smile " join and your membership will not be made public"
That speaks a lot that people would be embarrased to admit their political affiliation.
I am European and hope to continue to be so, I would support Macron and " En Marche" and he is no puppet as he showed when he recently wiped the floor with Marine Le Pen in a televised broadcast.
Trump is causing havoc and distress in the US, May and her ultra right wing cronies doing their UKIP best in the UK. Let us support our French friends in their very important fight against the ultra right wing here in France.
Nationalism is so destructive and as in the UK look at the way the right wingers claim the UK as their own and the remainers as un patriotic. Notice how the NF thank you for " our France" as if they were the only ones who care. RUBBISH.

Campaign of accessions 2017!!! So that the threat of 5 more years of Holland and decline is hanging over our country, under the disguise of the puppet macron, French who love France need you! Your help! For your support! How to get out of our country broken and martyred of the abyss.
Join the national front, your membership will not be made public and it is you who will decide what you want to do to help us. Thank you for our France! Ask to contact us: Protectmail@Me.Com
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