Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Mowers and wild gardens

Hi Val, 
you & tag readers might be interested....
Our lovely mechanic Melvyn is very good with mowers of all types tel 0781648873
We used to mow a much bigger area than we do these days. A feast of wildflowers live in our unmowed area, orchids & cowslips followed by many varieties of grasses, scabious, yellow rattle, wild gladioli etc etc. Leaving areas unmown is a real plus for the environment & helps many insects, ie crickets, beetles, butterflies not to mention lizards & praying mantis, also less pollution, mowers have no emission testing & are pretty filthy things. Try having paths through a lovely meadow area instead of a scalped landscape, better for our world & better for your pocket.
We cut our main grass area once a year usually around late November when most of the wildlife is less active. You'll be amazed at how beautiful an unmown area becomes as wild flowers manage to get a foot hold. Laura 😊