Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Go to UK for service

Following our moan about after sales service yesterday, here is one reader's response :
I recently required a replacement sensor for a Petit Godin gas stove which as you probably know is made here in France. I contacted the manufacturers by e-mail to locate the nearest stockist, after 2 weeks despite a reminder nothing was heard. I then contacted the UK stockist who not only stocked the part but said that he received many enquiries from French owners of Godin stoves who lived in France and supplied them directly as it was quicker and easier!
I have found over the years that when looking for replacement parts, it’s often quicker and easier to contact the UK stockist who not only can give advice on the exact part needed  but how best to fit it (if you are in any doubt), they then send it direct the same day by post or if large, to George White who brings it out generally within a fortnight. Alternatively they are usually only too happy to give you the correct part number to use with the French stockist.
The one exception to my normal experience of the French approach to after sales service was BMW in Albi, who after fitting a new seat motor (ironically that I obtained from the UK) and another piece of work, telephoned me twice to ask if the service was satisfactory and that we were “really” happy with the service I received.
Malc says: we had the same response from Mercedes at Albi - perhaps German car makers monitor their dealers' performance.