Tuesday, 4 April 2017

After sales "service"?

A friend recently refused to accept a new part for a pool on the grounds that it was not what was ordered and was not compatible with the pool equipment (the supplier had seen the original part). The firm (a retail outlet) refused to refund the deposit of 150€ and it took a visit to a consumer protection department and several letters and visits before the firm relented.
We recently took a small defective item back to a large supermarket, to be sent outside the SAV (service apres vente) department, tucked away as far from the main entrance as possible, and often with different opening hours. The staff in the SAV were astonished that a 10€ item had been referred to them for a "repair". They refunded the small sum, suggesting that the accueil of the store should have done that.
No such problems (yet) for us regarding a spare part for our out of action lawnmower. But two very frustrating phone calls to the SAV departments of the main dealers for the Swedish brand make us wonder if French retailers really understand the concept. First call, just asking for SAV, led to being transferred 3 times, before being left on hold for 12 minutes before the call was simply terminated. Almost same result in calling a second dealer - but only 6 minutes on hold until the call was ended.
Generally your consumer rights for buying by internet are well defined and respected - after all you have not seen the goods before buying (returning can be difficult - see Amazon story below). But why so difficult face to face?
Do readers have SAV stories or advice?
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