Thursday, 4 May 2017

Nous sommes le jeudi quatre mai

The debate on TFI and France 2

Corrine Cecile gives her report of the debate.
First poll after this godawful debate:
EM 63%, MLP 34%. He's up 4% and she's down 6%
This was the worst debate in my lifetime! Absolutely terrible. I'm exhausted! But she showed what a liar she is, sniggering, vulgar with no proposition to make but only attacks and lies. I'm in awe of his patience and self control, I'd have gone nuclear within minutes!

Val says
It was an exhausting debate and I do not know how Macron kept his cool. I felt he came out top but it is hard to know when you are biased. I had a terrible night worrying about what would happen if Le Pen won.
What would happen to our refugee boys, what would happen to my donkeys if we felt we had to leave and amidst all the worrying I discovered the cat Nipolena who was cuddling had a tick under her chin. So at 4 am we were holding down a cat trying to detach a tick, with a special tick fork.
I blame Marine Le Pen for it all... even the tick, probably an FN agent!!