Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Still working in my seventies

I have a boss... and no it is not Malc but Anais Rondeau, head of our local CAO( welcoming centre for refugees) she gave me some tasks to perform and sent me off with an " aide memoire" the notes to remind me. I am even allowed to keep the exercise book for future notes.
I have great respect for this young lady who works so hard for the young men, I am happy to help.
... but to keep my job I have to perform. This is where you all come in.
We need for our young men an iron, They are desperate to iron their clothes! ( what sort of lads are these?)
They need a football or two, a cricket ball, some tennis bats and balls.
Some swimming trunks, they have been swimming in underpants and even for the shy ones in trousers. You must have a spare pair about surely.
Bikes, having had such a super drive on getting bikes last year it gets harder to get these, thinking caps on.

An old caravan needed by Anais for the odd boy who may have problems and needs a bit of solitude at her farm. A couple of nights away from the group in family environment works wonders we have found.

Last but not least some storage space for us, a barn, garage or odd room that you do not use.
We have 4 new boys from Bruniquel just recently got papers to stay in France and we will be helping them set up apartments usually in Montauban.
Whilst we gather things in we really need some space to store.
Ok, help me out, I really need this unpaid job! and to help me even more try to arrange to get small items to me. Next Monday I will be at the book swap in St. Ant if that is any use.