Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Nous sommes le mercredi vingt quatre

Promised sun again, it has not arrived yet...
Do not forget if you have a good meal out or even a poor meal to make a TOF report ( Tag on food)
We met some French holidaymakers in Laguepie on a Saturday. They asked where they could eat out for lunch. The answer " nowhere in Laguepie" The Deux Rivieres is closed Sat. lunch, the Pizzeria is closed and the building is up for auction with a guide price of 20,000 euros, what a bargain for someone. The little restaurant L' Oustal is up for sale due to ill health and the boulangerie is closed indefinitely, due to ill health. The "Fast fou" is not yet open.
We do now have the restaurant open certain days in Verfeil and the Moulin de Varen is open now, but closed Wednesdays. The Corniche is open but closed Wednesdays.
Tonight we are going to the Belle Rive at Najac, always good and of course with a view.
We heard that the Festin de Babette was up for sale, anyone know about this?
The Gazpacho is always open it seems and is always reasonably priced and worth the money and there are several other restaurants open in St Antonin.
Any other restaurants you want to mention?

Maggie says
L'esprit du Causse in Concots is very good, great value 14.5euros lunch including glass of wine & coffee.  Inspired chef, single menu, nice atmosphere, tables not all pushed together. They have a website & facebook page; have been open for about a year now, but we just were taken there last Friday. Worth a try for the Northern part of the TAG contingent.