Sunday, 28 May 2017

Gerard of the bus, bon anniversaire

Gerard Carbonell is a well known man in the local community. Passionate  about cars and indeed any motor transport, he has been a leading light in the restoration of the bus at Laguepie called " La Guepe"
 Yesterday was his 70 th birthday and with a smattering of English and many more French friends we were invited to help his birthday celebration. Much talk about the development of the old bus being restored and even more talk about resistance fighters here in France. We were lucky to have with us a Frenchman in his 90's who he told us along with his adventures in his twenties that he was the last of the resistance fighters to be alive now in Laguepie. Fitting to listen to these stories on a day where France was celebrating and giving thanks to the resistance.
The picture of André the elderly gentleman is in one of the photos sitting with a walking stick, he drove himself to the party!