Thursday, 18 May 2017

Just a warning

Hi Val and Malc,

My father has been living in Saint Antonin for five months and has always felt very safe. Yesterday this image was shattered when he found that his car exhaust had been shorn off and the catalytic converter stolen. He was parked in Place de la Condamine. 

I am really annoyed on behalf of my father as this has caused him lots of stress and will also cost €550. 

I would imagine this is completely pre-planned and wondered if anyone else has experienced this. I know someone’s trailer was stolen a few months ago not far from where my father parks.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news…


C says
Hi Val

Can't guarantee that the stolen CAT will be covered under a French policy, but I think Irena's father ought to contact his insurance company, report the theft and ask them what cover he has for vandalism such as this.