Thursday, 18 May 2017

Have a treat

Between you and I
the time to go is lunch time, do not hang about. When word gets out the Moulin de Varen is going to be rushed off its feet. It has a facebook page, have a look at the menus, just super.
As a TOF report ( TAG on food) I would give it top of the scale 5.
We have been waiting Malc and I for it to reopen with the new owners, Patrick is from Scotland although born in France and his wife Nathalie is French( remember the first Nathalie and Buzo anyone from 12 / 15 years ago?)
Anyway it has just reopened and we were there checking it out for the second time in the two weeks of being open. Lunch, menu of the day was 15 euros,
so lovely with the sweetest young waitress from Les Landes. So important that the staff are sweet and attentive, it so adds to the ambience.
We ate on the terrace as we had the two dogs with us, not a regular occurrence as when it gets hot and busy the last thing you want is a dog to trip over.
We loved Martine and Alain the previous owners who are now at the Renaissance in Caylus, but as Martine herself mentioned to me before they came" these people are from a 2 star restaurant and I think they will be a step up"
Seriously get there before the summer crowds and then remember to book... they are going to be heaving before long... and they are just on our door step.( lucky us)