Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Anybody for me?

Hi Val
 I know I have a reputation for blasting off verbally when dogs are put up for adoption when owners go back to the UK but sometimes shite happens and people find themselves in a ghastly situation.  This has happened to Rio’s owners, lovely people who are totally distraught that they have to rehome Rio and go back to the UK.  This really is a different story from “oh our lives have changed so we are leaving and tough cookie for the dog”.  Regulars to the website will know that Brittany Spaniels are my very favourites and I would just love for someone to fall in love with this guy.  He is five years old, is fine with other dogs but a rascal with cats.  He is also blind in one eye but can see perfectly out of the other.  As the owner of a one eyed dog I can confirm this makes no difference to the dog’s life.  Poorpaws will pay for him to be neutered and his paperwork brought up to date.  There will be no adoption fee for Rio.
Sue Glibbery