Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Become a helper

I think you can all see the pleasure Malc and I get helping someone less fortunate, in this instance refugees.
We have 18 new young men at a local village Verfeil sur Seye and on Tuesday 9th at 17 h we are  asking anyone who would like to help or be involved to come to a meeting in a house in the village which has a good sized meeting room called " Le Petit Verfeilaise"
Not sure of the spelling of that one, will look it up.It is the big house belonging to the young community.
It is in the road from the square down to the Mairie.
We really do need help and we encourage local people to visit and get the boys used to French,  life trips to the market, shops etc.
Come and meet Anais Rondeau and other helpers and let us  dicuss how we can help them.
Big caring hearts needed that is all