Sunday, 14 May 2017

A proud day for France

Watching the inauguration ceremony today I felt proud to be here in France. Proud of the way they appointed a President and proud of the liberal President. A young talented man who we are hoping will achieve great things for this country with in a strong Europe. His message France and Europe together( one reason why I could never have supported Melenchon, who did not support Europe)
France is important, a strong Europe is important.
As the UK are going to find out pretty soon what a mistake they have made believing all the lies from the far right. They, I think will discover over the next couple of years that limiting immigration even from Europe is a great mistake and sadly the poor will suffer. Markets and trading will be more difficult and this inward looking island will be no longer Great.

Today I worry as I feel much prouder of France than I do of my own nation.
I ask myself " is it my nation any longer?"
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