Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Long live our local old French agriculteurs

Malc is still not well so tonight Shaban and I went to pick up some wood we had ordered for the wood burning stove in the gite.
Our old farmer neighbour has loads of big old machinery. Shaban who is a mechanic loves old machinery. As were we were chucking logs into the trailer, he spotted a threshing machine with a huge engine, he asked if he could climb the steps up to look at the engine and then took photos.
The old farmer was delighted and said in French of course,
"I have only two daughters and they are taken but if I had a third she would be yours and you could take this place over, an agriculteur needs to be a mechanic"
It really had me smiling and it was such a lovely thing to say, this particular man knows about the refugees in our area.
He is an old, French man who has probably never been very far from home but he knows about kindness and is a true humanitarian.
Long live the old French agriculteurs