Friday, 26 May 2017

No sand on the beach

Paris Plage has been a constant source of pleasure over the last 15 years for Parisiens and visitors alike. Installed on the banks of the Seine with sun loungers, umbrellas, ice-cream sellers, bathing pools - and sand.
But this year no sand castles or beach volley ball because the city council has decided for various reasons, including "ethical" not to renew its contract with Lafarge to supply sand. Transport costs, hygiene, environmental issues in bringing and removing hundreds of tons of sand are considered. And perhaps the row Lafarge had over its paying armed groups close to ISIS to keep its Syrian plant open.
But there will be grass, wooden decks and lots of transats (deckchairs and loungers) and capacity for up to 300 bathers. The beaches will open on 8th July until 3rd September.
It is not known yet when Laguepie Plage will be open - but definitely no sand here.
family fun at Laguepie

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