Sunday, 21 October 2018

To our American friends, the world needs you and your vote

Lots of our American friends here in France. As we fight for Brexit they are fighting against a President aiming to be a despot.
This piece by an American journalist shows why everyone who can needs to vote.

Mohammed Bin Salman's ordering of the murder of Jamal Khashoggi is a mistake that will never be forgiven. Right now, the Saudis are saying there was a "fight" and Khashoggi was killed. So he goes in the consulate to get a document confirming his divorce in Saudi Arabia and there just happened to be 18 members of the Saudi Prince's intelligence and security squad and Jamal just got so pissed off that he decided to go full Bruce Lee on the entire lot. Makes total sense. 

Then somehow he got strapped to a table and the bone saw fell on all of his fingers on accident chopping them off and to kind of help him get to Allah, the saw all on its own, began dismembering his body while he was still alive. And then his body evaporated never to be seen again. 

So imagine you're a hedge fund managing retirement benefits and you've got some money invested in Saudi Arabia, you know, that place where they kidnap journalist and saw their fingers off, are whatever investments you have in Saudi Arabia worth doing business with human butchers and torturers? 

This is a level of barbarity that is easily comparable to every despot there has ever been going back to the Roman empire to the sadists in the Inquisition. Because the Saudis have bought Trump and Kushner and that's why that was the first country Trump visited as president. The young Saudi prince became so arrogant that they thought they could torture a man to death who was a reporter for the Washington Post and get away with it. 

What does Trump do about this unimaginable horror show? He's silent. He foments and offers other theories based on lies. He lies about an imaginary $100 billion arms bill. If he died in a fist fight, then where's the body? The stain on our nation's honor cannot be overstated because Trump has no honor. None. Zero. 

What he has done very publicly is kiss the ass of every knee-crawling murdering thug on this planet without exception. The idea of an American president shaking the hands of Kim Jong Un is an offense to anyone who knows anything about foreign policy. He shakes hands and kneels before Putin and the party of liars who could never shut up about Obama's imaginary "apology tour" is now all the sudden silent as that goddamn liar says he loves a man who blows his citizens apart with anti-aircraft artillery guns in public! 

Sure Trump drained the swamp. He had to to make room for the sewer he has installed by putting every incompetent fraudster in every governmental agency there is. Corrupt doesn't even begin to address the level of criminality coming out of this administration. 

What makes me sick to my stomach is that the enabler's and complicitors who help perpetrate this crime against our country are going to get millions of dull-minded blunt-headed ignoramuses to show up to vote for them because the truth is that the oligarchs have funded a propaganda campaign that would make Goebbels blush which has brainwashed tens of millions of Americans into thinking electing this monster is somehow going to help them win something. 

Republicans are actively trying to destroy this country by committing every horror imaginable by taking away people's health care and locking up children. They even tried to put a child molester into the senate! What more do they have to do to shake the conscience of their base? Deny native American's right to vote? They've done that. Deny Black people their right to vote? Done that. Shake hands and praise every tyrant on the planet? They're doing that and now after handing trillions in tax cuts to the rich and corporations, they want to cut social security and medicaid because their 'deficit neutral' *LIE* is exploding the national debt just like everyone who knows better said so. 

Journalists are not the enemy of the American people, Republicans are. You can do something about that in 18 days.
Thomas Clay Jnr