Thursday, 11 October 2018

They should have kept in touch

Two elderly Montauban couples set off for a holiday in Blanes, Costa Brava, last weekend, in convoy of two cars. But one car disappeared after the last peage station heading into Spain. The first car headed on to Blanes, but were concerned when the second car did not arrive at the hotel they had booked. They contacted family in Montauban but no news was forthcoming, so the gendarmes were called in. Mobilisation of searches on both sides of the border including helicopters. Scrutiny of video camera footage on the motorways revealed nothing. No telephone activity; no credit card charges.
But eventually the "mossos", Catalonian police force, spotted the missing car in a hotel car park in Rosas, about 100 kms north of Blanes. No explanation of why the octogenarians changed their plans and they were left to continue their holiday, astonished that a simple misunderstanding could have caused such a fuss.
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