Friday, 12 October 2018

Fuel names to change from today

No longer SP95, SP98 or diesel at the service station pumps, but E10. E5 and B7. These labels are to represent the amount of ethanol present in the fuel, ie non fossil fuel. The labels will be a mixture of colours, shapes and numbers and will be the same in all EU and several other neighbouring countries, avoiding problems of different languages.
No doubt current designations at the pump will continue for some years, with the addition of labels as shown here.
For most of us with petrol cars E10 will the most appropriate (SP95) and diesel will be either B7 or B10 if a choice is given.
This is part of the EU's drive to reduce polluting emissions in line with the climate agreements by indication which fuels are the least polluting (eg E85 or XTL) including hydrogen.
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