Tuesday, 23 October 2018

Do you remember Reggie? The dog with no name.

Hi Valerie and Malcolm

Sadly I have to tell you that Reggie (aka a dog with no name from your historical blogs) has passed away. Last June he developed a cancer in his spleen, this was removed but they could not guarantee his long-term survival. It turned out that he lived for another 4 months. The last period being as full of events, life and enjoyment as his previous life with us here. He was truly a Star. Thank you for finding him for us.

The three photos below are:

Reggie and friends  near Treport in Northern France
Reggie and  friends at a cottage we hire in Crecy, Picardie
and Reggie asleep with his matriarchal friend Cilla and me (in Molesey Surrey)

Kindest Regards