Sunday, 28 October 2018

Poorpaws book sale

Good morning,
I am so sorry it has taken so long to let you all know the results of our Book Sale on the 20th October, it has been a very busy week and as my computer is old and a bit rubbish, I have to be able to put by an hour or so whilst it cranks up and decides whether or not to work !
The sale was Our Best Ever and I thank all of you who came and supported us, those of you who could not come but were kind enough to send donations and those of you who donated all the fabulous books.  Our best result up to now was over 3,000 euros and we topped that last Saturday, not by much but topped even so.  Fabulous !
A donation was made to Cancer Support France, another to La Mere aux Betes, I was able to pay off Poorpaws’ not inconsiderable vet bill and there is enough left to keep Poorpaws dogs in food for a few months and pay for some sterilisations which will be coming up very soon.
The Book Team always enjoy the day and I just love going through the thousands of books sorting out the wheat from the chaff, desperately reading like crazy to make sure we give you a great choice.  We are not the biggest book sale around but I like to think we are the ‘cosiest’ and it made my day to have many of you thank me and the team for organising the sales which you look forward to.
Next sale will be around Easter time and we will let you know in good time.
Keeeeeeeeeeeeeep reading !
Sue x.  Poorpaws