Sunday, 14 October 2018

Saga car Insurance

Hi Val
Regarding Saga car insurance, please note that such insurance whether up to 90 days or more is dependant upon whether your primary place of residence is in the UK. In the event of a serious accident as Steve Trinder said, there may be a detailed investigation as to the insured’s personal circumstances to establish whether they were primarily resident in the UK and if not, they would find themselves excluded under the General Conditions clause 2!

Also commenting is another insurance expert

Those of us retired insurance bods in the community have known for years that once you no longer live in the UK you must put your car on French insurance, even if it remains on British plates while you organise its re-registration here.  

Possibly we haven't made enough of the fact among friends, but every word of Steve Trinder's warning piece is 100% true - including the dire consequences he describes, I'm afraid.